Hashtags, Social Media, Hashtag Printing and Client Engagement

Ok, so you are looking for something new for your next business event. You might still be wanting a photographer to take pictures of your event,  your delegates, your speakers and any entertainment, but now we are heavily into the age of social media, you want to take advantage of this. But how? (Hint – it’s called hashtag)…


You use Twitter, you might even use Instagram, but you want to get your delegates onboard and spreading your message.

The Secret – Hashtag


Here is where I can help you. Through some specialist software, my computer can scan the internet for any hashtag on Twitter and Instagram that you are using for your event. When somebody uploads to Twitter or Instagram a photograph using your unique hashtag, then this photograph is printed immediately. Automatically! The image can also be branded with your logo, website or anything else you require, on the fly! All they then have to do is to come to me to collect their printed photograph, a minute later. Perhaps you have audio visual displays at your event? These images may also be routed directly to your AV team’s screens to create a slideshow or you might just want a copy of all these images at the end of your event on a memory stick. Not a problem!


Multiple printers can be hooked up to allow superfast printing for very busy events, but as one printer only takes 8 seconds to produce a professional print, no one will have long to wait. Costs for you depend on anticipated / actual usage / length of time required, so no matter what your requirements, there’s always an option to suit.

Hashtag printing can be used at many events. Some include:

  • Product launches
  • Weddings and Engagements
  • Corporate conferences
  • Parties
  • Charity fundraisers

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Where I work

I cover events all over the UK, I’m based in the Midlands but travel all over the country including London and the South East, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Wales and the North. I’ve even covered events in Europe, so don’t be afraid to ask for whatever you want, wherever you want.

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Hashtag Tip

Make sure your hashtag is unique – you don’t want images coming from someone else’s event on the other side of the planet!