School Prom Photographer

Organising your school prom?

Whether you are school staff or a pupil on your school’s prom committee, this is the page you need to arrange your school prom photographs.

Richard Lycett Photography has been covering school proms since starting in professional photography in 2006. You’ll get a choice of backgrounds for the studio, perhaps you might even require greenscreen for a really exciting digital backdrop! There will be professional lighting, instant viewing of photographs on screens and the choice to have the photography prepaid in advance or purchase on the night. Prepaid is the way most people are choosing nowadays as it means pupils don’t have to carry so much cash with them on the night. You can choose to either have a ticket-based system where a ticket or voucher is exchanged with your photographer, or you can elect to have an unlimited photo package, whereby we will take and print photos all night. See here for more details about our new unlimited photo packages or contact us now to arrange your school prom photographer.


Where I work

I cover events all over the UK, I’m based in the Midlands but travel all over the country including London and the South East, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Wales and the North. I’ve even covered events in Europe, so don’t be afraid to ask for whatever you want, wherever you want.

07977 596662