Santa’s Grotto Photography

Being a specialist in on-site printing at special events, photography at your Santa’s Grotto is a service we have offered for over 10 years now in a variety of locations throughout the UK.

We will set up the ability to photograph every family and child with Santa in your Christmas Grotto. You don’t want any old photographer setting up to take photographs and serve your customers, so we come with years of experience in not only how to set the technology up but also years of experience in dealing and serving customers, and understanding their, and your, expectations. We have the ability to set up for multiple grottos as well and have been able to process photos for in excess of 2000 visitors per day with ease. The system is scalable and has redundancy in case of equipment malfunction.

Photographs are printed immediately, through multiple computers and multiple printers where necessary, to help avoid any potential queuing and can be prepaid as part of their visit or they can purchase directly from us. If they purchase directly, we will offer your business a generous percentage commission from the profits. We can process all major credit and debit cards on site, swiftly and securely.

Please call for full details about Santa’s Grotto Photography¬†and we can arrange a site visit with you anywhere in the UK.

07977 596662