Unlimited Photo Packages

Unlimited photo packages have become common with the introduction of photobooths but they can just as easily be applied to traditional studio photography. They are usually based on a limited time period, where you can have taken as many photos as you want, and have as many prints as you require. Our state of the art printers can deliver about 400 6″x4″ prints per hour, thus ensuring you can go away with all you need.

Payment for this is taken in advance of your event, be it a school prom or social event such as a wedding, and the time slot agreed beforehand. 2017/18 prices include travel and setup of the studio, facebook album upload, photographer,

2 hours unlimited 6″x4″ printing £450

3 hours unlimited 6″x4″ printing £550

4 hours unlimited 6″x4″ printing £595

If you’re arranging an event for, say, 150 people, then all-night photography and printing for 4 hours works out extremely competitive, at under £4 per person!

Contact us now to find out more or arrange your school prom photography or social event photography.