London Conference Photographer

The conference photographer is back in London…

Today’s client is a banking related business. They choose me to be their conference photographer for some three conferences each year in London. Today’s conference sees 500+ delegates from across the globe meet up at one of London’s best hotels with great conference facilities, this one being the London Riverbank Park Plaza. This is a modern hotel on the South Bank of the Thames, just a few minutes’ walk from Vauxhall rail and underground stations. Conference facilities are underground, but incredibly there is still great mobile phone signal reception and there is also great free wifi supplied. The wifi is totally free of any login, so no annoying registration screens, passwords or adverts!

Delegates having fun

Some 46 speakers over two days will be appearing, including people from Microsoft and Google, banks and banking suppliers. I enjoy paying attention to all the conferences I photograph. One interesting point made today was “What’s your core business?”. The German speaker made this point about petrol stations (in Germany, but I imagine this figure is reflected internationally).  Delegates were asked “What percentage of profit is from Petrol?”. Various options were offered to the delegates, and most guessed correctly at “less than 20%”. In fact, the actual figure was 5.6%! Quite shocking how the core business has had to shift to adapt to a changing marketplace. Similarly with photography, Kodak used to be the number one supplier of film across the planet. Where are they now? Evolve, quickly, or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Conference photographer in London

Why employ a Conference Photographer?

Having great images of your conference is essential! Use it in your tweets, in your press releases and in your PR. But most importantly, it’s essential to advertise your next event. Having great images will encourage people to share your PR and tweets, to tag friends and colleagues on Facebook, and of course, make it look interesting!!! This will mean increased delegate numbers for your next event, and with many delegate day rates I’ve seen approaching or even surpassing four figures, surely this makes good business sense.


Why employ Richard Lycett to be your Conference Photographer?

Why do businesses choose me to be their conference photographer? And keep using me every time? Reasons people have given before now are: Thoroughly professional, understands our brief, flexible, dependable. I can deliver the images on the day and this is something organisers are asking of me more often. The ability to display great photos on screens and monitors throughout the day is great for your visitors. Today’s conference was no different and a showreel of my photographs played throughout the drinks reception which attracted interest and comment.

Conference photographer in London

I Supply photographs on the day to your computer or the following day via a download. It’s up to you! I attend with at least two cameras, and am always be as unobtrusive as possible.


If you’re seeking professional photography of your conference, be it in London, Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere else, please get in touch.